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Learn how to become a voice over artist and give your voice for TV commercials, TV shows, elearning modules, drama, radio spots and a lot more with our Voice Over Training

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If you wish to start your career as a voice over actor and work alongside your primary job or else if you wish to take it forward as a full time career, then we have the solution for you.

  • Lend your voice in television, explainer videos, audio books, elearning projects and many more
  • Start earning part time with voice over projects
  • Take up freelancing or full time projects online

"Experience is more than age"

I was looking for voice over training in Delhi NCR and because of Google baba. I came across this guy 'Himanshu Khanna'. Initially I wasn't so sure about him as he was very young and I was wondering how much experience he will be having in this industry. But after going through the details about him and his work I was quiet satisfied and registered for the workshop. Himanshu is a great host and a wonderful mentor. He listens to each and every trainee and pays individual attention. I got to know about my strength and weakness in the training about which I was totally unaware. He also told us about the industry and how to connect with people in detail. Well, the training got over one day but Himanshu is available always to answer my problems at any time till date. Kindly note , he doesn't charge anything extra for that. Thanks so much Himanshu for everything.

Archana Pandey

"Not only strengths but got to know about my weaknesses as well"

The workshop was really worth taking...It brought the best of my voice and I came to know about the strengths of my voice and where it could be used commercially. The weak points were also highlighted and the methods to improve it were suggested. All thanks to Himanshu sir

Ayush Agrawal

"Do voice overs from your home by getting all the required equipments "

"Voice Overs" had always been around but maybe only a handful take interest. And when u google for VO training, the first page of the results is dedicatedly devoted to Himanshu Khanna, and not for no reason. He's a gem in the VO industry and a Guru who quickly understands his students' strong and weak points. And he's among the very few people I've met so far, who actually take pain and polishes his students' VO abilities inside out selflessly. Willing to be a VO artist?? Look no further. Himanshu's workshop transforms u into a competitive VO Artist to survive and make ur mark in the VO industry. Keep up the gr8 work, buddy.


"Starting as a voice over artist now is a great opportunity"

I have been trained by Himanshu in Oct 2017. The workshop was very well planned and covered all aspects of VO. The best part about Himanshu is that he takes interest in the progress of his students even after the workshop through meet ups, VO tournament wihtin the group etc.He also shares the VO requirements with his students and guides them to go ahead. You can reach out to him any time for any VO related guidance. I would recommend Himanshu any day for voice over workshop and related guidance.


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Who is organizing this workshop?

Himanshu Khanna has been in the field of voice over for more than 8 years now and has worked on many genres associated with it. He is currently delivering various voice over projects daily to National and International clients. He has done more than 1700 Voice Over Projects till now and has been associated with more than 200 clients.

Some of his clients are BHIM UPI, CIPLA, Airtel DTH, Swiggy, Euronics, Mystair, Foxlife, NDTV Goodtimes, Maruti Suzuki, Indiamart, Quikr and many more.

As mentioned in the video above, you will be provided with a detailed voice over training workshop, wherein theoretical concepts will be explained and then the practical session will start which includes creation of professional voice over samples of individual student.

What will you get in this workshop?

This is applicable for all our batches (Weekend and Weekdays)

1. Introduction to Voice Over: You would be introduced to this amazing and entertaining world of voice over; what all it includes and what is its scope.
2. Voice Exercises: A few minutes would be allocated to some voice exercises which would help you in delivering high quality voice overs for your clients.
3. Emphasis on pronunciations: Voice overs are not only about the voices we hear but about what we hear. So having correct pronunciations is a must in this field. You would be given a set of difficult words with correct pronunciations; and the same would be practiced in the workshop.
4. Script Reading: Practical would be shown on how to read a script, where to mark pauses, how to do intonation and control pitches.
5. One-on-One Practice: Individual attention would be given on participants so that they can deliver a world class quality voice over projects.
6. Learning about different genres: We would be discussing about different genres in this industry and practice them on Day 1.
7. Learn about branding yourself: You start off alone in this industry and thus, you need to brand yourself properly so that you can market yourself in a right way.
8. Online Profile Creation: You can start your work from Day 1 as we would be creating online profiles on different freelancing websites there itself.
9. Fetching Work Offline: Information and tips would be provided on how to start getting work from offline mediums.
10. Knowing about equipments: As a voice over artist, you should be aware about what equipments are used to deliver voice over work.
11. Equipments Setup: This would be continuation of the previous point and in this section we would learn about the setup process of these equipments and troubleshooting as well.
12. Learning the software: There are various softwares which are used for recording voice overs. They range from Basic to Advanced, so training would be provided on how to use those softwares properly.
13. Know about editing: Once you know how to use those softwares, you should learn about how to edit your audio files properly and what plugins to use.
14. Project Fees: This section will include discussions about what to charge for different projects you receive.
15. Doubts Session

Portfolio Creation: 5-6 audio samples of different genres would be created in our sound proof recording studio. There will be doubts session as well.

Extended Support: You will be added in our active and private Facebook group as well as Whatsapp group where you can be a part of regular discussions about voice over projects, clear your doubts and learn from others.

Multiple Activities: Every one or two months we have different acitivities for students like Voice Over Tournaments, Partnership Programs and a lot more. So be a part of those activities and hone your skills even more.

Voice Recordings Review: Even if the workshop is over, you can send me your script recordings on whatsapp and I will be happy to do critical review of them :)

Note: Tea is on us :)

What will you take away after this workshop?

1. Professional Voice Over samples in various genres (Note: Suitable background music will also be added)
2. Certificate for the same
3. Theoretical and practical training on various concepts associated with voice over
4. Scripts and training material
5. Extended Facebook Private Group & Whatsapp Support
6. You are allowed to record your first project in my studio free of cost

Note: No additional cost will be taken for anything.

My Fiverr Earnings from Voice Over Projects

Some of the reviews from Google Business

Various styles of voice over which will be taught?

There are many styles of voice over which you listen daily. Some are gender specific too as you would notice that most of the IVR’s are done by women. We will teach you about almost every style which includes elearning, narration, drama, jingles, IVR, conversation, TV & Internet commercials and many more.

Details about the Group Batch workshop

Group Workshop is a 4 days workshop where the 4th day will be the portfolio day (your audio samples will be recorded on that day) and there will be a total of max 5-6 students per batch

Dates:7th, 8th, 14th & 15th March 2020 (3 hours everyday)

Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue: Paschim Vihar, West Delhi (Exact address will be told after selection)

Fees: Rs 6,499

Email me at himanshuvoiceover@gmail.com if you have any kind of confusion or you wish to register yourself for the training

Note: Tea will be on us :)

Details about the One-to-One workshop


Number of Days: 6 (where the last day will be your portfolio day)

Dates: Can be decided mutually

Time: 1.5 hours every day

Venue: Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

Fees: Rs 9,499

Email me at himanshuvoiceover@gmail.com if you have any kind of confusion or you wish to register yourself for the training

Note: Tea will be on us :)

Details about the One-to-One (at your place) Workshop

If you live in New Delhi then you can avail one to one workshop at your home as well.

Number of Days: 6 (where the last day will be your portfolio day)

Dates: Can be decided mutually

Time: 1.5 hours every day

Venue: 5 Days will be at your place and last day will be in a Studio in West Delhi

Fees: Rs 11,999

Email me at himanshuvoiceover@gmail.com if you have any kind of confusion or you wish to register yourself for the training

Note: Tea will be on us :)

Who is eligible to take the training workshop?

Those who would be interested in taking up this training will be given a selection script.

They need to record it in their voice by using just their mobile phone voice recorded. There would be 2 scripts.

One would be in English and the other in Hindi. You can record any one of them or both. Few things will be tested viz. voice quality, accent, pronunciation and your hold over the language.

Kindly record the script using your mobile phone and send me via email at himanshuvoiceover@gmail.com Download Now

Once you are selected, then the same would be communicated to you via email.

If you are not selected then do not get disappointed and it doesn’t mean that you can’t become a voice over artist. But, you need to work upon the above mentioned things and can apply again in further workshops conducted by us.

The only reason of adding this voice screening process is just because we do not wish to make false promises and make you feel that it didn’t work out for you at all.

Why is the cost so low?

Few reasons of keeping the price low because:

1. A person may need to spend more on equipments at a later stage if he wishes to do so.
2. The training should be accessible to any person.
3. We believe in Over Delivery.
4. You are taking this workshop to learn and start a career and not just throw your money away.

Register for the training by contacting me now

Name: Himanshu Khanna
Phone: 9654309539
Email: himanshuvoiceover@gmail.com

" I will guide you towards building a successful voice over career"

I will share my personal experiences and observations about this industry to get you a head start in voice over industry :)

Apart from this our extended support has helped many to grab their first project

Himanshu Khanna, Voice Over Professional